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Metroplex Waterproofing, Inc. was established as a Corporation in 1987, in Duncanville, Texas by Mr. Robert L. Ellis. Prior to this, Mr. Ellis had been doing business as Shivers Roofing and Construction, established in 1983.

 Currently, our offices are in Red Oak, Texas, having moved there in 1990. We have been members of AAGD since 1983. In 2008, operations were expanded to include the Austin and San Antonio Market with Mr. Paul Mitchell heading up the Regional Office Operations in Austin, Texas.

Why Choose Metroplex Waterproofing, Inc.?

We believe that the answer to this question is in Our Code of Conduct . . . that we hold ourselves accountable . . .  that we posses the attitude of a servant . . . that we aid and  assist you with problem tenants . . . that we are a  part of the solution and not the problem . . . and that we realize  that we are an extension of your Management  Team.

In so doing, we know that our Business will grow and prosper as we cultivate relationships with our Clients . . some have been with us for the entire 20 + Years we have been in business!
We would like to become a part of your Management Team today!

  Just give us a call . . . we are here to serve you and help solve problems.

That’s why our Motto is:
“Professional People . . . Helping Professional People”